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Phone System and VoIP Solutions

Choose from a variety of phone systems from the best manufacturers, efficient call-center management, connectivity for remote locations and workers...then easily integrate them with our wireless, voicemail, or voice-over-IP solutions. (We even offer the newest IP phones...they're so cool, they bring out the techie in all of us.) Run your phone systems over your data networks and the internet instead of traditional phone lines and you'll save money on cabling and long distance charges. Increase the productivity of your team when we make two (or more) buildings work as one. 

Unified Communications and Voice Mail Solutions

Eliminate the need for a receptionist (or at least give yours more important things to do while the voice processing system handles the easy stuff). While it routes callers (quickly and accurately) you can access your email, voice mail and faxes from anywhere. Use Presence Management and Geo Locating to automatically change your voicemail greeting based on your location or calendar appointments.  Text to Speech can read your email messages to you so you can drive safely. (Calling yourself "007" is optional.)

Local, Long Distance and Internet Solutions

Dial-tone, local service with expanded calling areas, long distance service at competitive rates, toll-free service, and broadband Internet access...but you just want to know when you pick up the phone you're paying the least amount possible. As independent agents for all the major carriers and service providers, we bundle solutions together for competitive pricing and simplified cabling to achieve the greatest cost-savings, for you. (A penny still just a penny. Why not save thousands of them?)

Wireless Voice and Data Solutions

Receive phone calls and emails anywhere, as though you're right at your desk, plus move offices without drilling new wall jacks, and take your equipment with you when you move. You can even have a phone system in a site that isn't wired for phone or cable.  Our Alcatel-Lucent wireless access points are easy to manage yet provide advanced features such as separate networks for departments, staff, guests, etc. 

Voice / Data Cabling

Our data cabling installations use CAT5e or CAT6 cabling tested to current industry standards TIA/EIA-568A/B with certification reports, communication racking systems and cabinets, patch panels, cable management, grounding, and adds, moves and changes.  For existing cable installations, we offer testing and certification.


For telephone systems, we use Cat5e or Cat6 cable.  This supports current analog and digital phone systems as well as Voice over IP systems.


Larger installations and multi-building installation typically require fiber optic cabling due to bandwidth and distance limitations. Indoor, Outdoor, Armored, Buried, Aerial, Single-mode/Multi-mode, fiber strand count (2 to 144) and SC/ST/LC connections are a few of the design considerations.  We offer professional installation, termination and testing of fiber optic networks.

Data Networking Solutions

Data Networking Products:  Voice and Data hardware are in an environment of radical adaptation to new realities, new demands, new business models. The long-trusted transformation partner of service providers, enterprises, strategic industries and governments around the world, Alcatel-Lucent delivers the innovation customers need to stay ahead. To compete. To create. To move at the speed of ideas, both in the lab and in the marketplace.  A leader in mobile, fixed, IP and optics technologies, and a pioneer in applications and services, Alcatel-Lucent includes Bell Labs, one of the world's foremost centers of research and innovation in communication technology. We bring an unmatched heritage of ideas and execution to the challenge of realizing the potential of a connected world. Our customers turn to us for our ability to deliver on their future.  With operations in more than 130 countries and the most experienced global services organization in the industry, Alcatel-Lucent is a local partner with a global reach.  Alcatel-Lucent is not just adapting to changes, they are actively helping to spark its transformation. With a R&D investment of over 3.4 billion US dollars and a portfolio of more than 27,900 (and growing) active patents worldwide, spanning a vast array of technologies, Alcatel-Lucent is the technology leader and innovator.

Ready to get started?

Leslie Fox is top-notch, very sharp, knows her products inside out. Her team at Southern Telephone Systems did an A+ job transitioning us from land-lines and implementing the Star2Star system in 2009 with our unique office lay-out. The transition was almost seamless. Initial set-up was thorough and immediate follow-up was timely for few fine tuning & adjustments. We've had a highly satisfactory experience with it for 3+ years. I would recommend Leslie Fox, Southern Telephone Systems and the Star2Star solution without hesitation. We have enjoyed significant cost savings, added features and have experienced -0- drop-off in call quality in VOIP vs. land line service.

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