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Who are we?

World class telecom technology with a local service attitude:

Leslie Fox

Southern Telephone Systems was established in 1975 to provide business owners the option of purchasing the phone system of their choice rather than renting what the phone company had to offer. Southern Telephone Systems is now managed by 2nd generation family members, Leslie Fox and a staff of dedicated, professional team members. Back in 1975 and now, 39 years later, our clients reap the benefits of substantial savings, state of the art equipment choices and superior customer service.

In every business and organization, your communications system is the life-blood of your operation. Today, customers, suppliers, and staff depend on prompt response. We evaluate your organization's needs, present and future, and create a powerful, hardworking solution that connects your organization and provides enhanced productivity, increased customer satisfaction and organization efficiencies.

Our product and service offerings include advanced technologies in VoIP communications systems, data hardware, structured voice and data cabling, bundled local, long distance and internet carrier services, call center solutions, situational awareness monitoring and notification systems, video conferencing, call recording and reporting, and much more. Southern Telephone Systems carefully evaluates all new products and services to ensure that they meet our high standards for reliability, ease of use, features and more. With our leading edge products and reliable 24/7 service, we support thousands of clients in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Through our premier partnerships withStar2Star, Iwatsu, Icon Voice Networks, Alcatel/Lucent, Status Solutions and numerous voice and data carriers, we offer services worldwide.

Southern Telephone Systems is committed to providing our clients with the best solutions and integrations available to meet and grow with your business demands. Our commitment to client satisfaction is proven by our 39 years of long term clients and partnerships. We'll help you make the right choices, get you the best prices and follow through with superior service! We look forward to working with you on all phases of your communications projects.

Ready to get started?

I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with you and your staff during the installation and implementation of our new Star2Star telephone system. Through the use of this system we have been able to tie in communications between 7 (now 12 and growing) of our offices. The system is efficient and easy to understand. Your staff also cabled our new facility in St Petersburg along with installing the Star2Star controls at that location and did an excellent job. Thanks again to you and your staff for working so hard to make this conversion and subsequent support so pain free.

Terry Holinsky
Orthotic & Prosthetic Centers

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