IWATSU ECS, ADIX, ADIX-VS:  Programmed from operator extension:

if your system doesn't auto change or changes on wrong date, please follow these instructions

1. Lift handset

2. Press FEAT and dial 64

3. Enter time in 24-hour format (HHMM) (example 9:05am = 0905, 3:13pm = 1513)

4. Hang up handset

IWATSU OMEGA-PHONE 924:  Programmed at extension 10:

1. Press FEAT # (pound key), * (star key)

2. Displays DB PSWD, dial 000 000, press SHOW, dial 415, press SHOW

3. Displays SYSTEM TIME, press SHOW

4. Displays YEAR, press NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT

5. Displays HOUR, press CHG

6. Enter hour in 24-hour format (HH)  (ie:10:10 am = 10, 3:13pm = 15)

7. Press SAVE, press NEXT

8. Displays MINUTE, press CHG

9. Enter minute (MM), press SAVE

10. Pick up and hang up handset to store and exit


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