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Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd., a world leader in telecommunications since 1938, has been supplying advanced business communications systems to the United States and Canada since 1969. ICON Voice Networks is proud to be the exclusive provider of all current Iwatsu Enterprise products worldwide.

Iwatsu Enterprise-CS IVM IP Phone System

The Iwatsu Enterprise-CS IVM system streamlines call processing and voice messaging for customers and employees. Consisting of an Iwatsu Enterprise-CS platform fully equipped for VoIP with the TOL-IVM messaging system, the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS IVM IP Phone system streamlines call processing and messaging with the added option of advanced mobility.

Features and Capabilities

  • Iwatsu Enterprise-CS platform configured for VoIP
  • 56-port VoIP phone system with optional expansion to 1024 ports
  • TOL-IVM voicemail automated attendant
  • Optional advanced mobility client for screen pops, contact dialing and mobile phone integration
  • Supports Iwatsu IP Campus 100% transparent multiple system networking
  • Optional upgrades for automatic call distribution (ACD), speech recognition and more

Call Processing

  • Supports any combination of SIP, VoIP and TDM devices
  • Iwatsu ICON Series Phones deliver advanced features like Bluetooth®
  • Supports upgrade options for multiple-site transparent voice networking, Unified CommunicationsContact Center solutions, in-building wireless and more.
  • Optional IP Campus creates a 100% transparent multiple site system network
  • Industry leading MTBF statistics
  • ISDN PRI, T1, SIP and Caller ID subscriber line interface and switching
  • Iwatsu ECS systems operate with a 99.999% up-time
  • Passive cooling design eliminates moving parts and heat buildup
  • Fault tolerant VX Works operating system


Integrates with applications including transparent networking, unified communications, contact center solutions, in-building wireless and more

  • Ticker Display and Text Web
  • Converged, modular gateway design that grows to 1024 ports
  • Enable any PC to be a voice terminal with the Iwatsu IP Softphone
  • My ECPhone allows users to change station features easily from their PC
  • Centralized automated attendant enables callers to call one main number and be routed to their desired extension through custom menu options
  • Real I.P Apps, such as PC AttendantIP Softphone and Call Director, deliver PC-based software solutions for call control via simple and intuitive desktop applications
  • AccuCall-Web Advanced call accounting
  • Custom integration to customer-specific data and applications


  • Building on over 70 years of telecom history and experience
  • Industry leading MTBF statistics
  • ECS systems operate with a 99.999% up-time
  • Passive cooling design eliminates moving parts and heat buildup
  • Fault tolerant VX Works operating system
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Leslie Fox is top-notch, very sharp, knows her products inside out. Her team at Southern Telephone Systems did an A+ job transitioning us from land-lines and implementing the Star2Star system in 2009 with our unique office lay-out. The transition was almost seamless. Initial set-up was thorough and immediate follow-up was timely for few fine tuning & adjustments. We've had a highly satisfactory experience with it for 3+ years. I would recommend Leslie Fox, Southern Telephone Systems and the Star2Star solution without hesitation. We have enjoyed significant cost savings, added features and have experienced -0- drop-off in call quality in VOIP vs. land line service.

Robert E. Burguieres
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