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BLOG: Five Reasons Your Premise Based Phone System Is Holding You Back

Posted: 08.21.2014

So you've finally decided to ditch your antiquated legacy phone system, but you aren't sure whether to deploy your new phone system in-house or in the cloud. Sound familiar? There are a number of considerations businesses should take into account before abandoning their existing phone system. While some opt for an on-premise PBX --in hopes of having more control and enhanced reliability--bringing your phone system in-house can come with a number of disadvantages. So how is your on-site PBX holding you back? Let's take a look:

1.  High Cost: Cost is always top of mind for businesses and every penny saved matters. On-premise systems require a large upfront investment, whereas cloud-based VoIP systems have a much smaller upfront cost. Moreover with VoIP, businesses are charged on a "need now" basis, paying only for the online server processing, storage and bandwidth they require.

2.  Complex Expansion: With an on-premise system, expansion can be complex, time consuming and costly - just ask anyone who's moved or expanded their on-premise phone system. However, with a cloud-based system, the risk and work falls squarely on the shoulders of the cloud provider. Moreover, a cloud-based system scales with your business, with the ability to add new features and lines without any new hardware requirements.

3.  Features and Functionality: Having an on-premise PBX gives you some of the features you want, but with a cloud-based system that also has a device on-premise, like Star2Star, you get everything you want in a communications system and more. We give you the control and flexibility that you are looking for as well as the built in Quality of Service (QoS) and disaster recovery.

4.  No Scalability: While you may have the leisure of doing what you want with your equipment, on-premise systems can be limited as you may not have the resources or expertise to implement new features or upgrades or add other locations.

5.  Difficult Implementation: Implementing an on-premise system can be a nightmare. Moreover, it's not future proof. Conversely, a cloud-based system can scale with your business and is cheaper, quicker and easier to implement. 

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